July 20, 2005


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Went to the land at six a.m. Planted our honey bananas and plantain suckers. Had some Rose apple plants for the other acreage, planted them also with a few ginger roots. Have to mark the areas that we are planting so that when we do the under brushing of the land we will not destroy the young trees that we have planted. The bugs were very vicious even though we had bug spray on. We have to go and get some of the Mayan natural bug repellant. Marlene and I weeded until nine a.m. then called it quits, as the sun was getting very hot. Decided to walk the property line and check on the fence building. After five acres we came upon one of the builders looking for trees to cut. They were still short five posts. We have been using trees that are not so good for the land for our posts. It helps to keep down the costs of building a fence. We talk for a while and he walks with us to the bottom of the land. He shows us where they are placing the gate at the back road so we can easily access the river. Marlene and I go down to the river while he returns to work. The temperature is cooler by the river. As the water flows strongly bye with little rapids the breeze picks up and we want to just hang a hammock and stay awhile. We have no hammock with us so we start to walk the other fence line. Passing bye the other fence builders Sir Winston shows us some wild mushrooms and said they were good for eating. He picks some and places them in his mouth chewing away; I am hesitant as he offers some to us. Marlene takes it and as she puts it in her mouth I am thinking the worse about wild mushrooms but I reach out and take some myself. The mushroom is tender and sweet with a distinct flavor he then points to another group of wild mushroom that is beside the ones he had just picked and say those are poisonous. Oh well they look alike so I will not be picking any in the near future. As we head down the last two or so acres, I am thinking of the frozen water we left in the car and all the things I have been exposed to, since being in Belize. If only I was a writer! Many Blessings



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