July 29, 2023


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Today marks four weeks that my baby “Light” was put to sleep. Everywhere I go, I feel him and even see him looking at me with a look of “ should you be doing that “ . The day he died Marlene brought home a little pigeon feather that she said she saw resting on a leaf and she felt Light with her telling her to take the feather to me. At the time she did not know the vet thought it best to put Light to sleep to end his suffering . Marlene was at work and I took light in . I received the feather and put it on his picture , now on the Altar I created for him in my office.
Today I felt him so much in the apartment so decided to go for a walk to get away. The walk did not help as I kept remembering how Light liked to stop to smell the plants and other wild life that lives in the area. Decided I might as well be back inside with my sad memories . I walked back to my apartment building and just as I was about to go inside a pigeon flew right over me and I saw a feather separate from the bird and floated down to my feet. I bent over picked it up and I knew immediately that it was Light sending me a message. I think he wanted me to know he is soaring and will always be around when I need a hug or tight squeeze. The new message feather is now on Light’s Altar.



Maroon Canadian artist based in Ontario, Canada " Keeping it in the Light "

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