August 11, 2005

White-nosed Coati & Tropical Mockingbird

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I had to take yesterday and today off from weeding .I guess I strained a muscle somewhere in the back area. My back keeps going into spasm and terrible pain, so bed rest it is for me for a couple of days. Even sitting up to write this blog is painful. Yesterday when I went out to the garden I was so delighted to find that one of my pomegranate bush had started to bear fruit and my only star fruit tree was filled not only with blossoms but many many tiny fruits. I picked my first coffee bean and eat half of the one grain while Marlene had the other half. There is around a dozen bean pods on one of my coffee plant and another has six pods, not enough for a cup of coffee but a great start to the future cups. While at the garden over four dozen brilliant green, red, yellow and blue, red-lored parrots alighted from our purple plum tree taking their brilliance to the skies. It was a magnificent sight but now I am worried about my coffee beans as they are to the back of the garden underneath another kind of plum tree. I had planted them there for the shade of the larger tree not knowing that parrots like coffee beans. The battle of finding and keeping the balance with the jungle continues. On our way home we saw two White-nosed Coati running across the street playing tag as a tropical Mockingbird sat on a fence singing its heart out melodically. Balance, Happiness, Joy and less Pain are my goal at the moment. Many Blessings.



Maroon Canadian artist based in Ontario, Canada " Keeping it in the Light "

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