June 28, 2005


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It is a beautiful sunny morning. It has turned into a very busy day and it is only ten-thirty am. Cleaned the porch and disinfected it with good old bleach. Gave both dogs a bath and checked them for flees and ticks. In giving them a bath I managed to get totally wet. After drying the dogs I placed them on the porch and of course they were both slipping and sliding on the wet tiles. They were funny but I was afraid that they would break a leg. Talked them into sitting still, while I cleaned up the bath area. Gave the kitchen and bathroom a though cleaning from top to bottom. I had planned to do all of my living space but after doing two rooms I quit. I took a long lazy shower and washed my locks, thinking it’s going to take me forever to dry and oil. I wrapped my hair in a towel, fed the dogs and then sat down to a breakfast of mixed fruit smoothies. Oiled my locks and now here I am on the computer. Checked my emails and now writing this blog. I am going to head out to the land and check on the house building, although I suspect with all the rain nothing much was done. Today’s gift for me is sunshine. Love and many Blessings to you all.



Maroon Canadian artist based in Ontario, Canada " Keeping it in the Light "

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