September 26, 2005

What can a girl do?

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After a hectic week, here I am laying in my bed, dictating my blog to my new secretary, my daughter Tara. I have repetitive syndrome in my right hand, which causes drastic pain in my hand if I’m on the computer for more then a few minutes. So I have been trying to keep off the computer as much as possible. But today, Tara offered to be my typist. This past week we went on many interesting and variable trips. One that stands out in my mind is visiting a friend who is making a house out of old rubber tires. He’s been working on this alternative style of housing for roughly one month. This tire house is very good for the environment of Belize due to the fact that people here just discard or burn their old tires anywhere. The smoke is very bad for the environment as we all know, and the ones that are dumped just get filled up with water that breeds mosquitoes, resulting in dengue outbreaks. During this week we also visited the cultural centre in Benque Viejo. This is a town situated next to the Guatemala border and around half an hour from the town of San Ignacio. At the cultural centre there was a showing of Taiwanese arts and crafts, mounted by the Taiwanese government.

We’re still working on the house; we have had so many previous moving-in dates. The contractor promised us that the house would definitely be ready on the 26th this time. We gave notice to our landlord. After looking at the house today, and since it is the 25th, we know it won’t be ready. What can a girl do? Any suggestions on how to get the contractor to keep his move-in dates?

Tara, Marlene and I are all looking forward to going to the ocean of many blues tomorrow. Holding all my bloggers in Light filled with Love. Blessings.



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  1. Nalo

    The walls of that tyre house are beautiful. Wonder what they’re like in a fire, though?

    Here’s to your wrists getting better. Here’s to your house being built. Please give my regards to your Dad, and to Tara.

  2. winsom

    Hi Nalo, Thanks. Tried phoning you the other day but alas,you were not around.I miss you.