November 6, 2005


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We just finished off a week of celebrating Marlene’s first birthday in Belize. The week started with a day at an Herbal Medicine Conference. This was the first time this conference was being held in Belize, and we were lucky to have it only a forty-five minute drive away at DuPlooy’s Lodge and Botanical Garden. Marlene and I got to meet some new and interesting people from around the world and learn much about collecting, growing and using herbal and medicine plants. Marlene seemed to have a good time and enjoyed the first of many birthday adventures and gifts that she was to receive throughout the week.
In the middle of the week we went to “Pops”, our favorite local hangout, where there is always good food, and lots of talks with the other customers. We had arranged to meet up with some of our British friends at POPS. We had a nice lunch of fajitas, burritos and tacos with just-tart-enough limeade and some of our local beer. Marlene was presented with a long blade machete from our friends, with a file that had a beautifully carved handle. One of our friends had done the carving. Marlene was eager to get out to our land to try her hand with her new machete. As usual the next morning she was able to test out her machete, as we headed to the land to do our weeding and maintenance of the land.
On Saturday we had arranged to pick up a couple of friends and we all jammed into our little truck and off we went to our once a month Jazz night at Caesar’s. We met up with others as arranged .We had a large table to listen, move and dance to the music. At the end of the first set the band broke into a Jazz rendition of “Happy Birthday” and our table and the rest of the room broke into song for Marlene. A birthday cake was brought out and we all sang and clapped as Marlene did a birthday dance to the music. It was an unexpected surprise for her, but she seemed to enjoy it thoroughly. The cake was sliced up and shared with many. The night ended with lots of hugs and smiles and anticipation for the next Jazz night. Marlene had a great first birthday in Belize, and said she was so blessed.
Joy and Blessings are coming from this land of Love to all.



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