July 16, 2005

It seems to rain very heavily every night here in Santa Elena unlike in Cristo Rey. Each morning when I get to the land I check the soil and it is only one to two inches wet. So I had to get the hose out of the truck all three hundred and fifty foot of it and haul it to the plants. It does not reach to the bottom of the garden so Marlene and I full up large buckets and take water to the plants at the back. This is very hard work as the ground is very uneven. It is still early in the morning but we are sweating gallons of our own water. Today after watering, we weeded around some of the plants. With the light rain and hot sun it is the perfect condition for these weeds. The weeds are just as high as most of the trees that we planted. I need a few more hands to keep the weeds under control as they are taking over. I am making a list and map of the names of the plants we now have. We have planted fifty different kinds of fruit trees. When the house is finished we will start on the vegetable and herb garden, which I will be putting close to the back of the house. We will have to do lots of landscaping to the front of the house before I can put in my flower garden. The work continues, I am happy and cannot wait to move into the house. Many Blessings



Maroon Canadian artist based in Ontario, Canada " Keeping it in the Light "

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