August 26, 2005


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Our fruit trees are coming along except this morning when we got to the land we notice around four fruit trees stripped of all its leaves. Looking on the ground we saw all these ants in single file with big pieces of our fruit leaves heading out of the garden. Our neighbor /adviser/friend Sir Winston came bye just at that moment and told us it was the we we ants. He told us we had to follow the trail and but some special poison in the nest to get rid of them or else all our trees will be gone. He had the poison at home so Sir Winston, Marlene and myself tracked the we we ants through our property, crossed over the line to the next property and around one mile in to the next property, we came to the nests. There were our fruit leaves and ants going down five huge nests. We put some of the powder around the nests and the ants started to carry the powder and leaves in to the nest. Sir Winston said we have to check on the nests tomorrow. Blessings to all.



Maroon Canadian artist based in Ontario, Canada " Keeping it in the Light "

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