July 4, 2005


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It is seven a.m. I am all dressed, the dogs are fed and watered and I am waiting anxiously for my new friend from Arizona. As I watched down the road I see her car coming she is taking me to the airport in Belizean City. We are both kind of tired after Saturday night but I am excited. Driving for two hours under sunny pale blue skies with fluffy white clouds we talk about the night before and wishing there were more places with jazz/blues every weekend. Soon we are in the city and have to watch for signs to know where we should be to get around the roundabout. Together we have done well and are now on the last stretch to the airport. We are early, so we have breakfast at the restaurant in the airport. I look at my watch; it is time so we head up to the waving gallery just as the US Air comes into site. It takes forever for the ramp and doors to open, six, eight people are out and there she is. Marlene steps off the plane, looks up and saw me and is waving, for the last five weeks she has been out of the country, now she is home. All is good now. Joy



Maroon Canadian artist based in Ontario, Canada " Keeping it in the Light "

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