January 8, 2006


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This year seems to have come in on a running race. We have sped through eight days already but to me it seems like just around the second day of the year. I am feeling the need to spend more time in nature. One of the ancient forms of African spiritual practice is to go into Nature to mark changes in our life, clarify a situation, or to seek healing. I have become so North Americanized, that I have forgotten so much that my Ancestors had placed in my memory bank until I worked with the Dagara Medicine Man, Malidoma Some and Medicine Woman, Sobonfu Some, who awoken my memory. I feel that what I am noticing in nature are things I need to pay attention to, for my inner guidance. Everything in nature are guidance for our life so that we can live a more balance and effective way in this Universe. If we pay more attention to what nature is telling us then we will reap our birthright that the Universe has promised. Our birthright is unlimited Abundance in every form. I tend to limit myself; if I take a serious look at nature I will see that there is unlimited abundance in everything. The Great Sage did not give trees a few leave or the sky a few stars or give us only a bucket of water. All these things are in massive supply .It is time we start to realize that the Great Sage has limitless abundance for each and every one of us and we should receive our abundance with Gratitude and still be ready to receive more and more. I am listening to nature as it supports and advice me in every aspect of my life. I am absorbing the gifts of every element of Nature and I am tapping into the unlimited energy from the earth to manifest all that I want and need. . I am learning to re-open my connection with the essence of all nature: wind, water, fire, earth, animals, plants and rocks to give me a practical guidance. I am using the Universe to liberated my own consciousness which will lead to revelations and a new and more insightful me. I am open to all and ready to receive all gifts that the Universe has for me. Blessings and Gratitude



Maroon Canadian artist based in Ontario, Canada " Keeping it in the Light "

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  1. Anonymous

    My sister has a room at her house which she calls the Transitional Room. I spent a weekend there when I needed to look at where I was in a relationship with someone. That was similar to going out into nature for me. At the end of the weekend, I was guided into the direction to take.
    Thanks for your words.