July 13, 2005

Two Mennonite Communities

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It was seven a.m. and we were just getting up. Had breakfast of fresh pineapple, oranges, pitahiya (a deep purple fruit with fine seeds like kiwi) papaya, star fruit and honeydew. By eight a.m. we were on our way to pick up a friend for the trip to Spanish Look Out, which is around forty-five minutes from my town Santa Elena. Spanish Look Out is a modern Mennonite community. Every thing in this village/town is less expensive because they bring in things tax free due to their religious status. We needed a part for the car plus we wanted to really price items that we use often. Our friend needed to price materials for the house she is building. After spending an hour in the place and finding out the part we needed was out of stock we left for the City of Belmopan. Found the part we needed and drove back home. Along the way home we decided to go to Barton Creek, which we were told, was only one mile and a-half off the main road. Drove for miles then we came upon an Old Order Mennonite driving his buggy. We were told we had another four miles to go. The land / scenery was so breath taking that we did not really mind the drive if only the road was better. Barton Creek is the settlement of the Old Order Mennonite. All the farming is completely organic and they use horse and buggy to get around. I was told they might have June/golden plum, star apple and Jackfruit plants to sell. I have been searching high and low for these trees. We went to the nursery of Abraham Harder where we found our plants plus many more I knew as a child. I ended up buying fifteen trees plus my friend bought some too. As we drove back to Santa Elena we decided to go for lunch in San Ignacio the other half of our town. Martha’s restaurant won out because of their cool patio and food. Marlene ordered a vegetarian sandwich, Bea our friend had a sandwich made of tortilla stuffed with all kinds of vegetables and chicken and I had a grilled chicken breast sandwich, the meals came with golden French fries. Bea and I had a couple of Belize’s Beliken beers and Marlene the health conscious one had freshly made limeade. We sat on the patio until we were asked to leave, as they needed to close up to get ready for dinner and give the workers a break. It was time to leave anyways, it was four p.m. We still had to go out to the land to check on the house building , fencing and take the new plants so we can have an early start tomorrow in planting . It has been a wonderful day of driving ,spending time with new friends buying exotic plants. I am so blessed. Many Blessings to you.



Maroon Canadian artist based in Ontario, Canada " Keeping it in the Light "

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