July 22, 2005


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Today was a very hectic day. Last night as I was driving home I felt a soft whoosh as I applied the brake. I had no brakes; I told Marlene that the brakes were gone. Thanks to the Universe we were on a flat piece of road. Marlene decided to drive home and we traveled very slowly home. This morning we drove very slowly to the mechanic, where he checked out the truck. Our brake lines had rusted through and all our brake fluid was leaking out as soon as we replaced it. The mechanic fixed the car so that we could drive and get what we needed to replace the brakes at Spanish Look Out, which is a forty-five minute drive. Mission completed we returned to the mechanic where we will have not only new regular brakes but emergency brakes too.
I spent the afternoon sleeping while Marlene washed and prepared vegetables for supper and reading her old time magazine. I woke up at four p.m. played Frisbee with Marlene and the dogs. I think Jabali and Rusty won most of the games. Made supper of brown rice, curry beans, broccoli, my special okra, avocado, fried ripe plantains and ginger wine. Marlene is doing dishes while I am getting this Blog done. The night is young; I never know what is around the corner of this magical place Belize. Many Blessings.



Maroon Canadian artist based in Ontario, Canada " Keeping it in the Light "

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