August 4, 2005


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Today started at five a.m. with the crowing of the roosters and the dogs barking and the need for the bathroom. It was now time to head to the land with Marlene for that daily job of weeding. On arriving at the land we checked out the tiling of the floor that is being done. On going out side we found a tiny puppy that must have been dropped off at our land. It is mangy and thin and we do not want another dog so we told it to go home. We continued to the back of the acre and weeded the last bit on the quarter acre that we have so far weeded. The work crew arrived at nine a.m. just as the sun started to get hot. We had a talk with the contractor on details of the house. At ten a.m. we arrived home. After a relaxing shower, I made a large brunch, which consisted of omelet stuffed with fresh vegetables, lots of basil and garlic. Toasted sour dough bread, freshly brewed coffee and slices of fruits. After breakfast we had a siesta in our hammocks while the dogs slept in their new beds. Around two thirty, our friend Bea stopped bye and we all went into San Ignacio and went restaurant hopping. Between the three restaurants that we went, Marlene had an ice-cold limeade, Bea had one beer and I had one beer. It was fun just sitting around the restaurants gardens watching everyone else. I am back home writing this blog while making dinner of Jerk chicken wings with roasted breadfruit, fresh vegetables and a fruit shake of papaya, oranges, bananas and lemons. My dinner is now ready, until next time. Blessings.



Maroon Canadian artist based in Ontario, Canada " Keeping it in the Light "

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