July 14, 2005


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Was all excited as I jumped out of bed at quarter to five. We were going to the land to plant some of my favorite-fruit trees. Marlene and I had fifteen large holes to dig and plant all the trees before the sun was too hot. Did our usual morning rituals; I was ready first so I was driving the car out of the driveway. I felt the truck was one-sided, got out to look and yes we had a flat. Told Marlene that the Universe had a different mission for us this morning .We had to drive in to town to the garage on the hill that was open twenty-four hours. To get gas is twenty-four hours but to fix a tire we had to wait until eight a.m. We did not want to take the chance of going into the country without a spare. We but the seats back and rested until the tire repairman showed up. He told us the tire could not be repaired as the rough roads had busted the rubber and metal, we needed a new tire. He suggested the best place to go was around forty-five minutes away. He put on the spare and we headed to Spanish Look Out for two new tires. The same place we were yesterday. After three hundred plus dollars we were on our way with two brand new tires on our truck. We returned home because it was now eleven a.m. and the sun was getting hot. We spent the rest of the day swinging and reading in a hammock until three-thirty p.m. Went up to the land, dug holes and planted all of the trees .We finished just as the last bit of yellows and purple of the sunset was leaving the sky. Gathered our tools, drove to our next door neighbor who among many things a herbalist, snake doctor, teaches people how to survive in the jungle and knighted bye Queen Elizabeth ІІ .He had just come back from taking a group into the jungle over night to see the night animals. He told us that at around twelve – thirty a.m. while they were learning to identify the sounds of animals a huge jaguar started to roar at them from around six feet away. He thought they must have been sitting in the Jaguar’s regular pathway .He told his group to make lots of noise to chase the Jaguar away. I know he has had many close calls traveling through the jungle. We left shortly after his story as the velvet blackness of the night had wrapped itself around us. We were dirty, hot and tired but stopped at the local bar/hotel half a block from our house, had a beer with our friends who are also building a new life here in sunny Belize. We all agreed we all stunk so home we went for a well needed shower and dinner. It is nine-thirty p.m. and off to bed after these four more words. Love, Joy, Happiness and Blessings.



Maroon Canadian artist based in Ontario, Canada " Keeping it in the Light "

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