July 19, 2005

Tasting Medicinal Plants

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Life in Belize always has something new to show or teach me. I spend time trying to find out about new fruits or vegetables that I see. Learning how to prepare or eat them. Insects and snakes are all around and I am trying to learn which are the poisonous ones. Medicinal plants abound in this country and my neighbor, around half a mile away is an expert. He is also known as a snake doctor. If a snake bites you, you sure want him to be around. He and his sons are fencing the property for us. As we walked the property line with him he kept picking leaves, berries and bark and giving it to Marlene and I to taste. I wait until I see him place it in his mouth before I taste mine. As we taste these items he tells us what medicinal valve they have. Marlene and I plan to do an overnight in the jungle with him.
Yesterday, Sunday was a quite day. We went up to the land to water our fruit trees only to be met by a host of around fifty butterflies in every colour one can think of. They were all sitting in the sun in different spots and groups. As we walked by they would fly all around us, I tried to get pictures but most were blurry except the one I posted with Marlene. Returned home to Santa Elena around ten a.m. Sat by the radio as we listened to the constant report of hurricane Emily’s path. Belize was spared again. Blessings are being sent to all the countries that were hit. During the hurricane watch Marlene and I played Chinese checkers. I was going to say I allowed Marlene to win all the games. That was far from the truth as I played my hardest but she still won by at least two to five moves.
Today we hung around home until nine am before leaving for the land. We had to go into town and wanted to do it all in one trip. Gas is expensive here in Belize; it is nine dollars and seventy-two cents per gallon (BZ). Weeded the plants until noon as the sun was breaking through the overcast morning. Made a great tasting stir-fry, served with ruby red tomatoes, avocado slices and home made ginger beer. Marlene and I pulled up our chairs in front of the computer and watched “Five People you meet in Heaven” as we ate our tasty, colourful lunch. The rest of the day was spent resting and painting a snake I carved for a friend’s house warming present. Happiness is such a wonderful gift you can give to yourself. Blessings.



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