July 26, 2005


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Today we got up scrambling to get the garbage out before the truck rolled up to our gate. Fed the dogs and off to the land we are once more. We stopped by our friend to pick up her son Edwin. We get to the land at six-thirty a.m. but the sun is already out and beginning to get hot. At our own pace Edwin, Marlene and I started to pull weeds from where we had left off. Today there is no competition, just three people doing there best to conquer the jungle. I realized that the area has not had a good soaking rain so I get the three hoses from the truck and gave the plants a good soaking as we weeded. The sun was now very hot and we had each drunken two large bottles of water. I told Marlene and Edwin we would quit at ten a.m., which was in half an hour. The contractor arrives to talk with his foreman and we go over a few things on the house. Edwin, Marlene and I roll up the three hundred feet of hose; put the hose into the truck and head back to Santa Elena. On getting home I realized that I had too much sun and was not feeling very well. Marlene decided that I had a touch of sunstroke, so I lied down and drank two bottles of Gatorade, which gave me energy, and the dizziness went away. I got up and did another load of laundry. So far this has been a very good productive day. Many blessings.



Maroon Canadian artist based in Ontario, Canada " Keeping it in the Light "

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  1. Nalo

    Please be careful in that sun, my friend.

  2. winsom

    thanks Nalo..I have learnt my lesson