June 26, 2005

The Sun is Peeking Out

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As I sit here at the computer snacking on slices of cucumber with a squeeze of lemon juice, listening to the rain (it is still pouring) reading my friends blogs and all my emails (I do enjoy getting emails from the foreign world) I wonder if I had all the money in the world would I have packed up and moved here to Belize. The answer is yes, definitely yes. Though I would have taken subscriptions to all my favorite magazines and buy tons of books on the web. I would still do the work of building my place but I would have hired more people to help. We would have finished building and we would be working on my vegetable garden at the moment. Nalo you wanted to know what I was planting here goes. Yesterday I planted maghony seedlings for my future generations with this instruction in my will. Each tree on the land that is cut ten has to be planted. I have already planted fruit trees, which consists of Three plums, Two Ackee, two avocadoes, four Lychee, Julie mango, Guava (three different kinds), six dwarf coconut, one Sour Sop, two tamarind tree, A King Solomon Palm (the oldest know tree), June Roses and other flowering plants that have been given to me. I have also ordered Two Number eleven mango,two Starfruit ,three Cashew, two Breadfruit , June plum, Jack fruit , two Kennips, two Star Apple (green & purple), ,Otaheite apple, two Regular Coconuts, four Almond ( for the shade), Bananas, Plantains, Calabash, two of each of the Citrus plants, Passion fruit, Pomegrantate, Rose Apple, and all the different colours of Flame trees. I already have a number of All Spice(Pimento) on the land and a few other native fruits like Custard Apple. All these plants will be arriving on Friday; except for the Citrus which they hope to get to me the following week so I do have my work cut out for me. My neighbour’s two sons will come and help me with the digging of the holes. I hope everyone realizes that it will take between two and five years before I start to get fruits from all this work.Hey the rain has stopped and the sun is peeking out,need to get outside.I am in heaven,Joy and Peace to all



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  1. Anonymous

    Hi Winsom,

    I want one of the 1st Otaheite apple. I think its great all the plants. Good luck with all that planting.

    Great to hear from you today.

    Love Cecile

  2. winsom

    Hey Cecile,the first apple has your name on it.Book your flight for May 2010,but I do hope I will see you before that.

  3. Anonymous

    Hi Winsom,
    Missing you. Congrats re: the house, it looks amazing so far. It does look as if you are heaven. Otis and I are in England and will be heading to France in a week. We wish we were in Belize though.
    Andrea + Otis

  4. Nalo

    Nice to hear about all the fruit trees. What kind of plums are you planting?