July 3, 2005

Saturday Night

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What a Saturday night (I think that is a Jamaican song). Four of us went to a South Indian restaurant for dinner. Three expats (expatriates as we foreigners are called) and one Belizean. We got to the restaurant at five-thirty, order our meals and then went to the nearby shop to get some beers, as the restaurant does not sell liquor. As we got back the appetizers came and we settled down to wonderful smells and tastes that opened up my taste buds. Dinner was over at eight-thirty; we went to Caesar’s, a restaurant and bar for live jazz and blues. A number of expats and locals were there already, found some seats and sat back for a night of music, drinks and good connections during the breaks. Around eleven-thirty p.m. my group decided to call it a night. We are all looking forward to doing it again but have to wait for the first Saturday of each month. Happiness and Love are great gifts.



Maroon Canadian artist based in Ontario, Canada " Keeping it in the Light "

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