June 14, 2005


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After a hectic day of having my male dog Rusty fixed and bringing him home, I decided to go to bed early and catch up on the last few nights of no sleep. At around 12p.m. the rain and winds started to whip around the house.I got up to put Rusty inside since the vet had told me not to get his stitches wet. When I got on the porch Rusty had had two major poop accidents.I placed Rusty in the bathroom and cleaned up the porch .Opened the gate and brought Jabali onto the porch.The rain and winds were quite heavy.After taking care of the dogs and being half asleep I went to the kitchen to give them some water. In my still sleepy stupor state I started to say “Our Father” over and over as my mother had taught me.On my kitchen counter were three scorpions that the rain had brought out.My mother had told me that saying those words, would paralyze the scorpion giving me time to kill them.Yes all three stayed put and thank God and the Ancestors my shoe was at hand.The picture you are seeing is dead scropions. After all the excitement I tried to sleep, it was now 3a.m.but Rusty was having none of that.He whined and scratched until I but him back on the porch at 5:30a.m. Went back to bed,around 6:30a.m heard some noise on the porch.Bye time I got outside Rusty had thrown up in two places on the porch. I spent the rest of the morning cleaning up and disinfecting the bathroom ,kitchen and porch .I thank the Universe for cheap Bleach. Blessings



Maroon Canadian artist based in Ontario, Canada " Keeping it in the Light "

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