October 13, 2008

Real Close

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Greetings with love and Harmony.

It’s only three weeks to go

Sunday November 2nd 2008. Starting at 5:30 pm.

At Marlene’s and Winsom’s Ritual Space

In Cristo Rey Village ,

Rain or Starlight

Friends of yours are welcome,

In addition to previous list

We are asking each one to bring a dish to share.

Enough of what’s in the dish for your group plus two more people.

This way we will have ample food for the feast section of the night

What is the Day of the Dead?
The original celebration can be traced to Mesoamerican native traditions, such as the festivities held during the Aztec month of Miccailhuitontli (July), ritually presided over by the “Lady of the Dead” (Mictecacihuatl), and dedicated to children and the dead. The festive mood comes from pre-Hispanic society beliefs that regard death not as the end of life, but rather as an awakening or rebirth in the land of the dead. In the post-conquest era the festivities were moved by Spanish priests to coincide with the Christian holiday of All Hallows Eve (Halloween). The end result is that Central America now celebrate the Day of the Dead during the first two days of November.

What happens during Day of the Dead?
Generally, families welcome the dead back into their homes and/or by visiting the graves. At the cemetery, family members spruce up the gravesite, decorate it with flowers and enjoy a picnic in addition to interacting with other family and community members. In both cases, celebrants believe that the souls of the dead return and are all around them. Families remember the departed by telling stories about them. Meals prepared for these picnics usually featuring meat dishes in spicy sauces, chocolate beverages, cookies, sugary confections in a variety of animal or skull shapes, and a special egg-batter bread (“pan de muerto,” or bread of the dead). Gravesites and family altars are decorated with flowers and adorned with religious amulets and offerings of food, cigarettes and alcohol. This commemoration has pleasant overtones for the observers, in spite of the open fatalism, whose interaction with both living and dead is an important social ritual.

More Birthdays that we are celebrating: around November 2nd

Bernabe, Dana, Nadege, John and Pat

If we have missed some one’s Birthday, who will be here,

Please add it to the list

Let us know.

More to come

We are the ones we have been waiting for
Life is Beautiful Blessings from Ocean Spirit Fire Temple in Cristo Rey Village surrounded by many, many Pyramids of the Mayan Dynasty of Belize.



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