November 7, 2006


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I have been questioning why do I write a blog. Is it my way of keeping a diary or is it to keep my friends and folks up to date with my progress in my new life .It could be plain vanity on my part. Vanity I do not think it is, because I really have nothing to be conceited about and as for seeking admiration of my attainments, how do one measure happiness, joy, kindness, peace, love as these are the things that I have attained in my life. In Canada, when I did new art works and folks were talking about it, I felt good. That feeling was always short lived and I had to do a new and better piece of art to keep the buzz alive. In Canada I was always trying to gather folks together to create a community, most folks loved the gathering but for me it was always one sided. I loved doing it but it really would have been nice if others were doing it also and I was invited. Here in Belize I am still organizing gatherings and still loving it. The difference is I am invited to just as many gatherings organized by other community mind-building folks. I always have a buzz in my soul and my heart is always singing. I always feel very special and triple blessed. The people here in my life are visual artist, published writers, musicians, and movie screenwriters. The difference with these artist they know who they are, they have gone through Spiritual journeys, they realize that sharing and spending time building community makes they lives much richer which spills over into their creativity.
I have ruled out vanity so I think it must be either my way of keeping a diary or keeping folks informed. Next time I will see which of these two is the reason or if I really should be writing a blog .Is it even being read or worth reading? Can I transcend love – real love through this medium? Let Agape be the Divine guiding principle in our life. Much Love, Joy and Blessings are yours.



Maroon Canadian artist based in Ontario, Canada " Keeping it in the Light "

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  1. Anonymous

    Every now and again I check your blog to see what you are up to, and each time I find a gift. Today the gift was finding out that someone elses experience with attempts to build community in North America was similar to mine. I too created and hosted the gatherings and I too felt like it sure would have been nice to be invited to some. I am really glad that you are finding like minded people in your new home and that you are building true community. I hope that I will have a similar experience when I move to St. Kitts next year. Keep writing your blog, I enjoy reading it.

  2. Anonymous


    I agree 100 percent with Cherie. Continue writing the blog because I enjoy reading about your experience in Belize. Your sense of spirituality travels with the words you write and they certainly touch me. I am sure many others who read your blog support what I am saying.

    Addtionally, the pictures that you capture tell many stories. As for me, I believe within each picture that you place on the blog, I am seeing what you are seeing through your eyes and even expereincing the moment.

    Winsom, your community work is paying off because you have created a larger community than one in Canada. You have created one with the universe and all its living, as well as non-ling things. I look forward for those inspirational pictures and words everytime I visit your blog. I know that you are transcending real love from Belize to all and everying in the universe. Yes Winsom, it is possible and you have accomplished it.

    May the ancestors always be with you.


  3. Jana

    Hi Winsom and Marlene, I finally took the time to look at your blog and enjoyed it so much. Just another view of our life here in beautiful Cayo!! Your questions were interesting, I have asked them myself, but then I thought about how much I enjoyed writing diaries when I was younger – and this is just what I do again, writing about what is happening in my or in this case our life. At least what is going on the outside. And the people with “insight” will read between the lines anyhow 🙂 So I think it is a great possibility not only to keep our friends and family abroad informed about our life in Belize, but also a nice reminder for ourselves. Do keep your blog going, if you can. We don’t know in which ways we may influence people all over the world with our stories … but I am sure we do somehow.