August 4, 2006


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There is a spiritual force pushing me into a bright light. Sometimes I think I am crazy until I see all around me, the magnificent birds etc. Two nights ago my dogs killed two, nine –banded Armadillo .In the morning we had the task of removing them from around the house to the land behind the Orchid. Yesterday as we awoke and came out side we were greeted with a host of black and Turkey Vultures circling and swooping down on the dead. Suddenly this hugh, huge white Vulture with a wingspan of at least sixty inches from tip to tip arrived on the scene. After circle, down he swooped and up came all the other Vultures. I ran for my camera and as Marlene held the dogs back I took the longest quietest, running strides across the back acre. Alas the Vulture came up, flew into a tree, then before I could focus again, it circled and flew off with all the other Vultures. I partly took long to focus the camera because I was in awe of such a beautiful, huge, graceful bird and I was watching it, forgetting to take a picture. The Vulture was completely white with around six inches to the end of the feathers tipped jet-black. I later found out it was a King Vulture with bodies up to 81cm.
Can you imagine this world in its pristine state surrounded by all its Glory? I can only imagine what the world would have been, what my eyes would have seen.
My soul is so awake and churning just as fast as this world is turning. The feeling this whole nature gives to me is more than I can hold. I need to spread the Joy and Love that I am feeling. God is great. The Ancestors are great. Blessings to all. Winsom



Maroon Canadian artist based in Ontario, Canada " Keeping it in the Light "

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