August 5, 2005

At six a.m. Marlene and I leave for Belize City to pick up my passport at the Canadian Consulate. We arrived in the city half an hour before the office opens, and find a shady place to wait. In the mean time, I call our lawyer whose office is nearby to see if the deed for the land is ready. The lawyer states our deed is ready, but we must pick it up in Belmopan the capital. The receptionist arrives at the consulate, parks her car and proceeds to raise the Canadian flag for the day. A sense of pride fills me as I watch the flag and I remember family and friends, back in Toronto. After leaving the consulate, we head to the National performance center were I see the director, and find out what is happening in terms of community arts events. I go over to the Image Factory, which is a combination of Gallery and bookstore. The gallery is closed as they are installing a new show so we go in search of lunch. After lunch we leave the crowed city of Belize and go to Belmopan to pick up the deed before the office closes. We enter the office and join a room full of people who are searching through books that seem as old as the hills with crumpled torn leaves. The receptionist welcomes us, who then leaves to get our land deed .Now Marlene and I have to start paying land taxes to the government of Belize. A word of thanks is sent up to the Great Spirit and Ancestors for bringing us this beautiful gift and head back to San Ignacio. Many Blessings



Maroon Canadian artist based in Ontario, Canada " Keeping it in the Light "

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