August 7, 2005

Over forty-five

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Marlene, our friend Bea and I decided to go to a new restaurant .Bea had heard that it was a good steak restaurant and we decided to treat our selves to dinner. It had been raining quite heavily all day. We were feeling lazy and uninspired by the weather, we were beginning to think we should cancel the date .At six p.m. Bea picked us up as planned. She took us to the restaurant she had in mind, but alas it was closed. We then went to another restaurant that she had heard of but had never been to. We finally found the place after driving around for twenty minutes. Seeing items on the menu other than rice and beans, which is a national favorite, was both surprising and refreshing. Items on the menu included such dishes as: Mango chicken, shrimp champagne, T- bone steak, and pasta dishes to name a few. The three of us seemed to be in a meat-eating mood. Each of us ordered the T- bone steak, which came with special steamed potatoes in a sauce with vegetables. Our steaks ended up being too tough, and the sauce spread on top very salty. The wine and local beer helped the meal to be more palatable. The atmosphere was one of comfort and feeling laid back, with soft piano music wafting out to us. The chef is a Belizean of Asian and black descent whom we found to be very pleasant and engaging. He and his wife created the restaurant eight years ago, and his delightful daughters act as waitresses and hosts. We paid our bill and gave them some advice on the presentation of the dishes. Despite our disappointment with our dinners, we decided we would be willing to give the restaurant another try in the future. As we exited into the warm cool starry night, someone suggested we go for ice cream. We all agreed and went over to place in town called Cayo twist. Everyone else in town had the same idea and it was very crowed. We waited our turn to order and found out the ice cream was all Soya. Still not ready to call it a night, Bea suggested we go to Caesar’s, a club that plays live Jazz the first Saturday of each month. After driving out of town for twenty minutes we came to the club, only to find it was closed. It was now only ten p.m. but that was all the excitement in our small hilly town for over forty-fives. Blessings to all.



Maroon Canadian artist based in Ontario, Canada " Keeping it in the Light "

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