August 12, 2005


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Last night some friends from Atlanta and Chicago visiting here in San Ignacio gave me a call. We decided to meet them for dinner. I first met Oliver about ten years ago while he was doing research on the Garifuna culture. Over the years we had lost touch but due to a mutual friend in Toronto he was able to find me. Oliver, his companion, Marlene, Beatrice, Sharane a woman who does massage, and myself all met at one of the local Indian restaurant for dinner.
After dinner we went to karaoke at one of the local hotel, which happens every Thursday. What can I say, its always fun to listen to people sing their hearts out. No one in the group had the nerve to get up and sing despite prodding and two of the group was professional singers. At midnight we decided to call it a night as Oliver and his friend had to leave early for the Pine Ridge Mountains on a tour. We dropped them off at their hotel and headed home.
We were awaken to the piercing screeches of chickens next door at about 2:30 am, which also awoke our neighbor who ran out with his machete in time to see one of them being taken out by a opossum, and escaping into the orange grove to the back of the house. In all the confusion, two of the chickens flew over the fence, into our yard, and our dogs I’m sure thought the Gods had sent them a complimentary snack. Marlene and I quickly put on our clothes and went to save the frightened and distressed winged ones. We put the dogs on theirs chains, opened the gate and tried to shoo the chickens out as the dogs strained and yell their disdain at our decision. After much encouragement the chickens finally beat a path home and allowed us to get back to bed. Many Blessings.



Maroon Canadian artist based in Ontario, Canada " Keeping it in the Light "

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