April 12, 2005

Official First letter from Belize 2005

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I forgot how great it was living in the Caribbean, with all it’s smell, when I was in Canada I was always dreaming and thinking of the Caribbean and wishing for its heat to enfold me totally. Now here I am in Belize where the temperature reaches a scorching 99° in the lowlands but here in the hills it is a balmy 84°. Over the years in cold Canada, my blood had thickened to withstand the cold. I am quite happy for the evening temperatures of 68° here in Belize. Yesterday a cold front moved in which has turned our nights into a chilly 55°. I thank my mother who is now an Ancestor for reminding me to take my warm blankets. I think of my mother and other Ancestors often and hear them quite clearly guiding me on this new journey in Belize. Remember, our Ancestors speak to us all; we just have to listen.
I am enjoying the wonderful fresh fruits and sunshine all day long. Watching the moon and stars at night listening to frogs and crickets with their secret language that one day I maybe able to decode. I am living in such Beauty, Joy, Peace and Happiness. I think God /The Great One /Sage took a bit of all the beauty in the world and rolled it into one place and the humans called it Belize. Of course Winsom Omiala had to find it, so that she could be in a state of bliss creating higher vibrations for the rest of her earthly life. Sometimes I have to ask Marlene if I am still alive. The other day Marlene said she was feeling guilty for being so completely blissful. A few evenings ago we went for a walk just as the night meets the day, at that special, magical time, just in that twilight zone as we passed the field of trees I am sure I saw them moving aside and a gateway opened in the yonder dusk. I was not dreaming, for Marlene turned to me and asked me if the trees were spirits and were they not moving. There is so much to discover.
For now I have to focus on the present. At the end of January we left our friendly rooming house in the heart of San Ignacio. Marlene and I rented a two-bed room house that sits on around 1/4 acre in a new area of a town called Santa Elena. San Ignacio and Santa Elena are twined towns. All the major businesses and government buildings seems to be in San Ignacio. We are about two miles from the down town center of San Ignacio. I am happy here in Santa Elena and Marlene seems to be enjoying herself reading and lying in hammocks and eating fresh fruits. Talking to our neighbor on one side that is an older man with a heart condition and the neighbor on the other side who is a teacher with six children. Four weeks ago I went to my first community meeting. It was good getting to meet so many more neighbors and potential friends in the making.
Our family has grown we now have two puppies, Rusty Ashanti Warrior a golden retriever mix who is now eleven months old and Jabali (means “strong as a rock”) a shepherd mix who is now three months old. Marlene spends a lot of time training, bathing and playing with the puppies .I must say her work with them is paying off. Their coat is always shiny, they smell great and as for their breath it is clean smelling. The dogs now sit and stay for about four minutes and give a paw when asked. They fetch balls, comes when they are called. They sleep on the porch and if anyone comes near the gate or fence Rusty Ashanti growls and bark if they do not move along. We are woken up at 4:30 am by our neighbor’s rooster by 5:30 am the hens are crackling and at 6:00 am the dogs wants off the porch.
Life here is still amazing. God and the ancestors are blessing us and with their help we will continue to ride on this wave. Many blessings of strength, harmony, clarity and joy coming from the land of the Mayans



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