January 2, 2006

New Year – Full Circle

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I have been in Belize for exactly one year and four days and what a magnificent three hundred and sixty-nine days it has been. This year has taught me so much but I think my biggest lesson was patience and being in the flow of life.
Christmas eve was spent visiting friends and taking gift basket of assorted items for the children .We returned home around eight p.m. where we had supper and then lied in hammocks watching the night sky with a cool breeze rustling the palms as the stars did their dance across the sky. At midnight the chill and dew sent us into the house where I drifted off to beautiful music.
Christmas morning we all arose to the most gorgeous day and the soft sound of carols drifting on the wind from our neighbor’s house. We had a quite day, just enjoying the gift of time as we made a Christmas feast for the three of us.
The week past by so fast and before we realized, it was New Years Eve. Marlene and I decided not to go out that night but we did visit some special friends during the day. New Years eve I made a spicy meatball stew and made fresh flour tortillas. At dusk we lit around twenty- five candle lanterns and placed them outside around the house. Marlene and I sat in our hammocks eating and enjoying the starry night and discussing the importance of a new year or rather the circle of the years and all the gratitude we had .We thought of all the gifts we had that could be shared or passed on. We both called it a night at ten pm. Suddenly there were the loud bursts of firecrackers and fireworks. I raised my head, looked at the clock and said Happy New year, Marlene replied with Prospero Anos. I entered dreamland and the Spirit world where new Rituals and medicine were taught to me.
This morning I awoke quite early, remembering talking to my mother and all the rituals and medicine that was given to me during the night. I went outside, slipped out of my slippers, stood on the grass with its glistening dew and gave thanks to the Great Spirit / Universe, my Ancestors, Orishas and all Good Spirits that work with me. I went inside to my Altar, took it apart, cleaned every object and slowly replaced them with my prayers for the next part of the journey.
As I sat in front of the altar I thought of the last three hundred and sixty- five days. All the catastrophes, in Africa, Asia, America, China, everywhere … and we humans still thinks that we are superior and can control everything. Nature will always be stronger and show us just how tiny and insignificant we are in the big picture. I also thought of how we are responsible for what is happening in the world. We were given this wonderful paradise to look after and all we did was take, take,take until we destroyed the balance. I wonder if some of the other people that think the same, would bring forth their gifts to help bring healing to mother earth. With so many changes in the world and many conscious spiritual people arriving in San Ignacio from around the world, telling stories of how Spirit have guided them to the area, has made me realize that dreams I had twenty-five years ago is now being activated and the wonderful healers from around the globe that are being sent to this part of the world all have something to offer the new world order that is coming.
So much has been happening here Spiritually for me. My dreams are profound and the Spirits on the land are very active. We have so many plans for this land that we are going to need all the great energies working on our behalf. They have already begun and I am enjoying communicating with them. Sometimes I think this is quite a big venture to embark on, but anyone who has been successful in any venture has had to take a chance and throw some caution to the wind. It is the beauty of jumping off and not knowing where we would land. Marlene and I landed well and hope soon we will have a beautiful spiritual self- sufficient place to invite people down to live a little closer to the natural elements of the earth. My wish for you in 2006 is all that the Universe wishes for you. Blessings.




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