July 30, 2007

Need a thirty hour day !

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Wow! with bird baby watching, keeping three dogs away from my babies, visiting friends, garden/ land work, getting my studio up and running, creating and doing rituals, transferring VHS to Cd’s. Getting my computer back up and running. My hard drive crashed a week ago. I lost no data because the week before I dreamt that I should get everything backed up properly, did nothing about it but dreamt it again on the 15th. On the 16th I called my computer expert and he came in and put everything on an external drive. Do I need to tell you on the 18th right after I did my Blog it crashed. Give Thanks to the gift of listening and hearing.

I have decided not to sleep or eat anymore as these two activities seem to take up precious working time. I still get some rest by going to bed at 2a.m and getting up at the crack of dawn, which thankful these days are 5am and not 4am as it was a couple months ago. I am eating well as I love to create new drinks and dishes with all the fresh exotic and some times unusual fruits and vegetables .What seems to be suffering is my blog. I need to figure how I can get more time out of a day. I decided that my blog is really a journal for myself that I make public. Easier than writing letters and postcards to fifty or more folks. Problem is when I send direct mail I do hear from people but with the blog I am in isolation from friends outside Belize.

I have been taking a lot of pictures lately. Almost everyday I see something to shoot and document. I have been working on my new installation that is desperately trying to be birthed. I am hoping to give birth in the new year of 2008. It is time; I have been pregnant with this work for a long time. I actually became pregnant right after giving birth to the four shows in 2002. I have never carried anything this long and now it is fighting to be out. It is time and I am ready. Is the world ready, I hope so?

My next few Blogs will be in pictures. Enjoy. Life is Beautiful and I am blessed. Blessings from Ocean Spirit Fire Temple in Cristo Rey Village surrounded by many, many Pyramids of the Mayan Dynasty of Belize. Winsom



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