July 10, 2005

My Own Coffee Plants

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It is five o’clock and the roosters are all crowing, get up, get up. I obey, as I get dressed with closed eyes and head through the door to finish the job we started yesterday morning. As Marlene and I drive through the hills to our land the mist is still in the valleys and mountaintops. The beauty of the place takes my breath away. The power of the Great Sage is so magnificent and overwhelming .We get to the land and working together we plant twenty five more fruit trees which include coffee trees. I am so looking forward to the day when I will be picking my own coffee beans, drying, roasting, grinding and making that pot of coffee to sit in the garden in the early morning sipping away. The dreams I have of reaping my own food that my hands have planted keeps me working. The planting is finished for today and we drive home talking about the next lot of things to plant. It is eight-thirty as we get into the house. Marlene feeds the dogs while I hit the shower. Refreshed and clean I make breakfast while Marlene is in the shower. I go slowly because I know it will be awhile before Marlene emerges. I have time to make fresh salsa, a blend of fruits for an ice smoothie. There is this new fruit I have been introduced to. It has a thick pink skin that peels off easily and inside is the most vivid purple colour fruit with tiny black seeds like a kiwi. Putting this fruit in my smoothies give me a beautiful lavender colour. Time to fry some green plantains, scrambled eggs with lots of fresh basil, onions, and lots of crushed garlic sprinkled on top. Slices of Avocadoes and the salsa finish off the plates as Marlene comes to the table. Breakfast is served. Joy and Love are great gifts.



Maroon Canadian artist based in Ontario, Canada " Keeping it in the Light "

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