January 5, 2008

Love & Light for 2008

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Well here we are, another New Year, whether we want it or not. Hope you all are ready to receive the rich abundance that awaits us, and that light and love will be your guide. Marlene, Lenny –my dad, a friend who lives down the road and myself , spent a low key New Years eve watching Michael Moore’s movie Sicko, I think everyone should watch it .We then watched a DVD of Simon& Garfunkel’s concert in Central Park. We had left over turkey, and roast beef which made delicious sandwiches, with the addition of different kinds of mustard, crunchy dill pickles, leafy green lettuce, red, red ripe tomatoes, green and ripe olives, good old Canadian hot horseradish and many dabs of Jamaican grace hot pic-a-pepper sauce. We had a couple bottles of wine to help pass the evening plus my great Jamaican Christmas pudding, and cookies. Just before midnight I lit a 7 space candle holder and we all thought about what we wanted to manifest for the coming year and what our wishes were for ourselves, our community and the world at large. Very powerful. We turned on the radio and counted down with our favorite radio station, danced to one or two songs then went back to eating. . At midnight we popped the cork on a bottle of champagne that our friend had brought over for the occasion. I decided to brighten the night a bit more by setting off some fireworks and firecrackers; which also sent our most fearsome dog running for cover, as he hates any loud bangs or thunder. I figure he must have had some traumatic event to do with loud noises before we adopted him.

It is time to get back into school gear after 3 weeks off for the holidays, and I am coming up with our agenda for the next five months. I think I will have them finish off pre-Christmas projects and launch into a new project so they can have work ready for education week in May 2008. We are also trying to get the Foundation into full swing, so that many of our ideas and projects can be realized in the near future.

My hand is still not up to typing, but I do have a wonderful typist in Marlene who is also the secretary for the Foundation. My gratitude goes out to her.

Life is Beautiful Blessings from Ocean Spirit Fire Temple in Cristo Rey Village surrounded by many, many Pyramids of the Mayan Dynasty of Belize. Winsom



Maroon Canadian artist based in Ontario, Canada " Keeping it in the Light "

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