December 18, 2006


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This is a Song of ancient belief. This is my song of forgiving. There has to be more to life.
Looking around the world all you see is restlessness and my query into why I write a blog was helping to create more disturbances with my uncertainty. I simple write a blog because I want to flow and cover all the corners of the Universe with my love and in sharing my life in Belize, I hope will touch each and every one with even a small amount of Love and Joy.
Sitting through fifteen days and nights of rain straight you have to notice the Signs of the prophets are written on the leaves of nature. It is said to be the new reality in dealing with the global warming and erratic world weather patterns? Looking at all the colours of the rainbow and all the stars in the sky makes me want to testify of all that nature has to teach us. I am lifted up from this realm as I try to learn the lessons of patience and acceptance. With the rain everything is brilliant emerald green and it actually feels good to be blessed by the warm rejuvenating showers. You can feel and hear my heart beat saying thanks.
Children always turn on that spark that glows through and through that makes my soul rises to reach the light and my heart is opened to its fullest. I think I mentioned that I teach art to the children at our village school once a week? The children range in age from twelve to fourteen years (standard 5&6), they have been doing amazing work!!! I started teaching the classes in May and this November the children had their first ever art show. Six students and myself curated the show. The director of National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) and a few artists from the city came and opened the show. The Director was so impressed with the caliber of the show that he has invited the students to do a show in Belize City in 2007.He will be bussing the students in to the city for the opening. It will be the first time some of the students will be going to the big city from their village. One of the newspapers covered the event and the children felt proud and happy to see their pictures in the newspaper. My dream would be to open an Art school /Center to allow these diamonds in the rough to really shine.
Above all the powers, above all kingdoms, Above all thrones .A creative force created all things. A creative force places us in the path of another even for a short time. We may never know the reason this lifetime. We were stuck on the road coming home as it had been transformed into a chocolaty swirl of mud and sand, from all the warm blessings falling to earth in the form of rain. While waiting for the road works people to make it passable Marlene and I decided to get out of the truck to question the people ahead of us how long they had been waiting to get though. Low and behold we see New Brunswick, Canadian license plates on one of the cars. We spoke to them, two guys, a woman and a golden retriever who had been traveling throughout Central America for the past three months and were heading to Panama after Belize, all full of wonderment and excitement of their discoveries as they travel. We told them of some of the amazing Mayan temples and caves to visit while here, and about our neighbor who is a snake Doctor and takes people on jungle tours. In fact, he is hired by the British army on occasion to teach jungle survival and is someone with one million stories of his escapades some of which sound like fantastic yarns. He is an amazing man. After another hour the road was finally fixed, and we invited them to our place for coffee and spent the afternoon chatting about everything under the rain. I was thinking it was so nice to be able to take a moment and visit rather than having to rush about madly, with time for nobody and nothing. That is one of the many things I am blessed with here. Time and space to enjoy nature, people and things.

I am very Blessed and do I know it. My dad who is in his late eighties has arrived to spend the holidays with us. I will be celebrating the holidays with a few people coming over for dinner.

We have a man from the village that comes when we ask him to help us with chopping and keeping clean our cleared one-acre. He is a mixed Mayan and Spanish and is very connected to the land. When he chops bush, he makes sure to leave medicinal plants and foodstuff. The other day he found yam, which we dug up and ate for supper that night. Delicious melts in your mouth food. We are blessed with all the fruits and veggies we are reaping. Our helper has been busy cutting trails on the back six acres .We are getting ready for a group from the USA to do a Spiritual and healing workshop. Marlene and I have been busy getting the altar spaces ready for example putting big heavy stones in circles for the fire and ancestor altars.
I am diving in. I AM GOING DEEP. There is no turning back. I am now ready; our space is now ready for ritual and Spiritual work. Let the healings begin. Blessings and Happy, Joyful and Peaceful Holidays



Maroon Canadian artist based in Ontario, Canada " Keeping it in the Light "

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