June 18, 2005


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Last night I went down to our local hotel owned and run by Black American’s. The family has been here for over twenty-some years. One day the father who was very successful in a North American way decided that was not how he wanted to live and raise his family. So here they are twenty odd years still in Belize and loving it. The hotel and garden is very pretty and low-keyed. Walked down to the hotel, sat in the garden and had a beer, a Black American who is staying at the hotel while her house is being built came into the garden and I asked her to join me. While we were talking about her career as a writer and her publisher’s deadline for the new rewrites another couple I know walked in. They are from Brittan and have been here the same time as me. They were very excited because their house was finished and they would be moving in a week. We were glad for them but also wishing it was our place that was ready. If all goes well my place will be ready in August and I will be the one in that excited state. Our casual meeting ended up in a long discussion on everything under the sun over many beers, chicken wings, french fries and nacho supreme. Midnight came we said our goodbyes and headed into the warm humid summer night. Much Joy.



Maroon Canadian artist based in Ontario, Canada " Keeping it in the Light "

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