June 23, 2007

Living with Nature

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My life sometimes just seems to get away from me and I get involved in too many things. All good but distracting from the way I want to live my life. I am back home after being in Miami doing workshops and being in Toronto visiting.

After the stimulus of sound, sights, smog, concrete, lights I encountered in those two cities my mind, body and soul started to feel all the pain and depression that I use to have when I lived there. Getting back into my mountain village of Belize was very emotional for me. It was amazing, just listening to the quiet, for the first time in those many weeks that I was away; I could once again hear myself think and feel the rhythm of the earth. Living a simple natural life within and with nature, desiring only what is necessary for my survival has been reinforced for me once again. Living with nature has created a level of wellness for me that no chemically made pills can ever do and I have no intention of ever taking those artificial supplements again. Since being back I have been eating fresh food, fruits taken right from the breast of mother earth, right into my own body. Asking the energy of the plant for its food, picking it, peeling and eating it right away, I can feel the healing powers of the fruit, working inside of me giving me all its energy and clearing the fog away. As I walk back to the house I see the little lizards who had been suning on my way to the back, running into the under growth .I take notice and then I see the leaves on the near by trees turning over, I look into the sky and not only do I see birds flying in the direction that the lizards had run but big rain clouds coming around the mountain. I run for home and got my laundry off the line just in time as the rain drops started. There is nothing like being inside with a good book, a pot of tea as the sky opens up and pour its liquid blessings on the tin roof. I am so Blessed and loved by all of nature that surrounds me.

Life is Beautiful Blessings from Ocean Spirit Fire Temple in Cristo Rey Village surrounded by many, many Pyramids of the Mayan Dynasty of Belize. Winsom



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