September 19, 2006


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Life at Winsom Ocean Spirit Fire Temple has been moving at a slow yet fast pace. Each day we do the same laborious work trying to control our little spot in the jungle that we call home. I realize if we should stop working for a week the scorpions, lizards, bugs, possum, snakes, frogs, anteater, armadillo, agouti, ocelot toucan, parrots, swallows, and not to mention all the insects, would be living in the temple. The spider webs would have all open space weaved closed and the vines would cover from top to bottom of the temple. If we stopped working for two months on the cleared place you would not be able to tell that a temple existed there or that the area had been cleared. In other words the jungle dictates to us how much work we have to do each day; the jungle rules.
I have not written for a while because my computer was all messed up. Then my email somehow decided that some folks should be blocked and some very important emails were sent to cyber land, where I think they just disintegrated into ash. To make matters worse my online banking system went mad and shut down my account for three weeks. It did not want me stealing from myself and I have been unable to access any money until I could prove that I was I. I was told by email yesterday that the computers are satisfied that this is I and as of tomorrow morning I can access money from Belize. I almost had to come back to Canada to prove that I was really Winsom. If this had happened to me in Canada, I would not have been able to survive three weeks without borrowing from family/ friends. With all the obstacles I am still enjoying being here in Belize at this time and feel we did the right thing. I do miss some things and some friends but there are so much here to make up for those losses. I also have to remember, that we are multi-dimensional beings and exist on multi-dimensional levels. Whether it is through our thoughts, dreams, astral travel or other non-physical contact we are never really apart…we are all one!
Not having things like wine has forced me into trying to make my own from the local berries here. I know nothing about wine making so if someone reading this blog have a very simple fool prove fruit wine recipe I would love to get it. Remember there are no stores to buy any wine making kit or utensils, so please let the equipment be things I can find in my kitchen.
I feel so much love in this world and I want to testify to the love in this world. Lets gather as a massive voice and sing, talk, show the love and do the work we came to do .I know people think I am strange but I know the Ancestors and Great Spirit sees me and watches over me. Many Blessings and more Love than you can keep are wished for you. Pass it on. Ashe



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