June 19, 2005


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Cutting grass all day on a humid hot day is not my idea of a great Saturday especially when you have a slight headache from too much beer the night before. I had to get up, as my neighbor’s fourteen-year-old son was at the gate eager and willing. He had promised to help me with the garden and lawn the week before. I knew it was partly to get away from his six brothers and sisters and the weekend chores at his home. Glasses of shakes made from fresh orange juice, bananas, mango and papaya helped to get us through the day. I basically sat around making the shakes as he used the grass cutter to get the work done. At 2 p.m. we were finished but he stayed around until about 4:30p.m. When he saw his younger brother on the stoop looking out, he announced that chores were finished at his home so he was going.
Just as my one neighbor’s child was leaving the other neighbor’s children came across bringing me a bag of star fruit, June plum and some water coconut. Stood talking awhile, sent my thanks to their mother and went inside for a well deserved rest. It is now 5p.m.The hammock was so welcoming I soon fell asleep. Woke up to a bug in my hair not one but two June bugs. June bugs are around two inches in length and one inch wide. The legs of June bugs have little spiky things that when they landed on my locks, they got hooked and they panicked so the wings just kept flapping causing me to jump up and started to flap my own hands. The dogs got excited, started to bark at the bugs and me. My neighbor came out to see what the commotion was all about. They started laugh while coming over to get the bugs out of my locks as the littlest one declare, “ them June bug eat people”. I am saved, time to go inside. Blessings



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