August 12, 2006


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The Joys and Agony of living in this beautiful paradise. The first thing I do is to go outside, greet the morning and welcome myself back to this plane and give thanks and gratitude. Yesterday, upon getting out side, the first thing I noticed was that my plantain tree had broken in half due to the weight of the plantains. I slowly walk to the back giving Praise as the dogs prance around. Very happy to see me after a night without human contact and knowing that soon it would be mealtime. I decided that the bunch of plantains had to be cut down. The plant could not be saved, but the plantain was fit and could be eaten now. I walked back to the house got my machete and preceded to cut the plantain stalk. With the first swipe a cloud of wasp arose from under the leaves and a host of wasps managed to sting me over the face and arms. I ran for the house with the dogs running faster than me. In the safety of the house I checked my bites, which by now was hurting and found I was stung seven times. With my face and arms plastered with baking soda I decided to get my plantain. With all the commotion, Marlene is now awake and is telling me she will go out and get the plantain. I replied “ I am a brave soul; I am going to get the plantain”. I went out, made a smoke stick and retrieved my plantain this time without the dogs help. I then noticed that a bunch of bananas had pulled over the plant. I smoked the banana plant, cut my bunch of bananas and headed back to the house laden with the Universe gift to us. I close my eyes and feel the love and I am transported to all the realms of the Universe that I know is the power of pure love which is The Great One/ Sage /God / Allah.
This morning I woke up unable to see as my eyes were swollen shut but it is late afternoon and the swelling is down quite a bit. We notice that our young pup, Spirit has a very swollen mouth, and maybe he was stung that is why they did not come back on the second mission. I am alive, alive and on my journey. Joy, Blessings and Gratitude



Maroon Canadian artist based in Ontario, Canada " Keeping it in the Light "

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