July 22, 2008

JABALI : Strong as a Rock 6/1/2005 – 12/7/2008

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The month of July started off with the shocking news that two of our neighbors who live about one mile down the road from us were brutally murdered. They were an American couple who had been residing in Belize for at least 20 years. He was a builder contractor, and she was a real estate agent. The motive was apparently robbery and the perpetrators turned out to be a fifteen and seventeen year old, who shot them execution style. It was not till the next day that this crime was discovered.

What makes this incident stand out for me even more, is the fact that we were having a ritual on my land for Peace, Harmony and Prosperity and a number of people were at my home taking part in the ritual. The ritual and the murder were happening at the same time a mile apart. How is it that we are asking for peace and love, and just a stone’s throw away, the complete opposite is happening??? I suppose people that live in violent communities must face this situation daily. Asking for Peace and getting only war, aggression, and violence in response. It just shows how vulnerable we all are to these blatant acts of aggression that seem to be taking over the planet. Is there a single peaceful place to be found?

Peace begins within the heart of each and every one of us and then spreads out like ripples on the ocean to our family, neighbors, communities, and the world at large. We need to reconnect with our Inner selves and remove the blocks and distortion that are manifesting in very negative ways in our thoughts, words, and actions towards each other and the environment.

What a joy and blessing my daughter Tara, arrived from Hong Kong, and will be spending six weeks. It has been two years since we last spent time together. Tara has been living and working in Hong Kong and is teaching yoga with a company called “Yoga for Life”. We are collaborating on a two week yoga/ art summer program at the school where I volunteer.

I had to leave the country for a few days after Tara arrived from Hong Kong. When I returned Marlene and Tara said one of our dogs was not eating. If you know anything about Jabali (our dog), she was born to eat and if something is not bolted down she eats it, so we knew something was wrong. We took her to the vet who told us that she was poisoned. He gave her shots, IV fluids and vitamins and told us to give her electrolyte replacements at home. Marlene’s nursing skills went into full swing as she had to feed the dog using a syringe every hour because she was so weak. Alas, despite all of our efforts and prayers, our beautiful dog died. We buried her at the back of our land with the help of our gardener, who was particularly fond of her, the vet and his little son. We said a prayer, and wished her well on her journey.

How does that saying go, when it rains it pours?!! Tara started getting these small bumps on her skin that was itchy. We thought at first she had come into contact with poison wood or something she was allergic to because she had been working outside in the garden. Each day they seemed to get worse. Marlene thought they were chicken pox, but I told her Tara had already had the pox as a child.. We took her to the doctor, who confirmed it was chicken pox she was exposed to in Hong Kong. Apparently she contracted the Asian strain which is different than the German strain she had as a child. My heart went out to her. Here she was visiting and not having a good time with all what was happening here. In two weeks the doctor said she was no longer contagious just in time as the summer program was about to start. I must say she took everything in stride and was determined to teach the summer program despite her obvious discomfort. The hot conditions in the room that we taught in did not help. Let me tell you. I could not be prouder of her 100% out put to the kids and the program. She deserves an award.

Marlene was away visiting her family in Toronto for a couple of weeks, so Tara and I carried the torch. In the end everything worked to divine plan. What a blessing.

The Winsom Foundation has decided to sponsor a thirteen year old who really wants to go to high school but whose parents cannot afford to send her. Tara and I have been running around raising funds for her uniforms, books, and school fees, so that she can start on August 25th. I have taught this young girl for the past three years and know she is a hard worker with a beautiful deposition. I will be doing everything possible to help her succeed. Please send out prayers for her success, and the continued success of the scholarship program and the Winsom Foundation.

The Winsom Foundation is gearing up for an auction and entertainment night to support our scholarship program and the Cristo Rey Art program. We will be auctioning off the art trees the students made as well as other art work on October18, 2008.

Just before school closed for summer holiday, the kids entered a country wide art competition. Last year I told them of another art competition but they did not want to enter. This year they actually pushed me to let them enter. I am wishing them well. The fact that they entered makes them a winner in my books. The start of the new school year is almost upon us once more, so Marlene and I will be gearing up to jump right on in once more.

Life is Beautiful, Blessings from Ocean Spirit Fire Temple in Cristo Rey Village surrounded by many, many Pyramids of the Mayan Dynasty of Belize. Winsom




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