April 28, 2007


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It’s time to open our eyes

Take a look around

Even Inside

The weather is right

The time is here

There will never be a better year

There will never be a better moment

For Love to take its root

To bloom its flower

Our first love,

Our mother

Mother earth

The foundation for everything

To be planted on

To be built on

The earth was here before us,

And will continue on after us,

Love too, shall continue after were gone.

All things return to the earth

Those we love

Are put back into the earth.

The earth turns all natural things

Into a common denominator

We are all one.

One love, Universal love.

Love is a common denominator

Love must be authentic,

Love must be natural,

Love can not be artificial

Love must flow, and shift

Like the valleys and rivers of mother earth.

Open up your eyes

It’s time to find a place

A place to plant your seeds

Where the seeds of Love can grow and grow

Your heart is the perfect spot you know

Time to plant a brand new world

Where love keeps growing and spreading

Spreading and growing

I am of love

I am of light

I am a Spirit child

I am a woman

I am an artist

I am an Obeah Woman

I am a Shaman

I am a Sangoma

I am a Witch

I am a Mambo

I am an Orisha Priestess

I am a High Priestess

I am the Moon

I am the waters of the Ocean

I am the Mother of the Universe

I am Yemaya

I am Love

This is my power

This is my work

I flow with God,

The Ancestors

The Orishas,

For our protection

Our nourishment,

Our Growth

Our love

I evoke the powers of ancient alchemy

For love,

From my hands and heart

My mind,

My body,

My spirit

I transform these elements,

Into the power of love.

Ancient Alchemy

Adding fuel of love

Ash to that which we go

Crystal, purity and clarity of love

Bones, strength and empowerment

Cloves, the essence of our spirit


Harnessing the Cosmic God Force

Our authentic selves

Our love

Planted in the soil,

The folds of mother earth

Food for the universe

Food for our soul

My Secret room invokes the powers lost

I have become the Alchemist

Let’s hold hands

Pass the spark of love

Let the energy of love

Light up the Universe

We are the Alchemist

Let’s tie knots of love.

Let it flow across ribbons of colour,

Let it flow and unite the human race.

Knots of love,

Universal love,

The magic of love moving into every direction

Transforming lives,

Transforming planets’

Transforming the Universe;

Love rules today, tomorrow and forever

The alchemist is at work





Maroon Canadian artist based in Ontario, Canada " Keeping it in the Light "

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