June 12, 2005


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Last night was crazy…
My young puppy Jabali who is only six month but in human age is a teenager was in heat. I have a male, fifteen months old who was a playmate and has now turned into a sniffer and mounter. I do not want my puppy to have pups and our vet has said it is possible but I have to wait until she is nine months old to do the surgery. My budget cannot support a pregnant dog or puppies so I have become the mother who is going to keep her teenage daughter safe. So they are placed on chains far apart when I cannot be outside with them. At night I place the puppy on the porch and Rusty the male, has the run of the yard. Our porch has cement bars with spaces that the Jabali cannot go through. Last night she was determined to meet up with Rusty so she managed to put her head through the bars and of course she got stuck. I spent one hour trying to free her finally at 10 p.m. I had to call my neighbors three blocks away because all my near neighbors were away. Together the three of us worked on getting him free for thirty minutes and of course Jabali was getting just as stressed as her rescuers. Finally we tried coconut oil using around three cups and finally with me supporting her back and neck, one person turning her head to the side and the other pushing her head, she was free. As soon as she was free she ran to Rusty and they both headed to the other side of the truck. We think we got to them before anything could happen…Rusty was licking off her oil. Drama over, I thought Jabali had learnt her lesson so I placed her on the porch and Rusty to roam and protect. I went off to bed for a well-deserved sleep. I suddenly heard a faint crying got up it was 2a.m.looked outside and yes Jabali was struck. This time in a smaller space. I tried for a while with more coconut oil and still I could not free her. I needed a second pair of hands. My neighbor’s (who was now back) light went on I called to her and she came to the rescue. We pushed and pulled put he was really stuck and I was out of coconut oil. He stopped trashing around and we thought he couldn’t breath. I went in and got my precious Italian olive oil and poured it all over the post, dog and us. My neighbor finally said you pull and I will push we have nothing to loose at this point. We pushed and pulled, heard a yelp and my oily Jabali was fee. She just lied in my lap where she had popped and we thought she was dead. My neighbor a teacher, very sharply called her name” Jabali get up”. The dog opened one eye and licked my hand, then got up. I stayed up the rest of the night to look after her and protect her from herself and Rusty. Joy



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