March 1, 2006

I voted today

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Well Belize is treating me well. I am full of gratitude.Today is election day for Mayor and councillors and now Marlene and I have red fore finger. Yes we voted and it feels good.There is still lots to do to get the house in shape but it is a blessing living on the land watching and hearing all the wild life.I still have no proper communication out on the land so updates will be far between until we get a system. I am well and happy. . Blessings and Joy until next time I am in town.



Maroon Canadian artist based in Ontario, Canada " Keeping it in the Light "

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  1. Anonymous

    Winsom – Locksley again. Thought about you today and spent a while kicking myself for not checking with you earlier to see how life was treating you. You voted. Great! Seems sometimes like a small thing to do but I think it shows you are now a real part of the society. Sounds pretentious but what you are really hearing is the sound of envy. Wish I had the guts to get off my rear and try something new and really “find myself”. I have joined the masses of theoreticians that hide behind words rather than expose myself to deeds. Seriously proud of you. Hang in there. Who knows? May see you in the not too distant future.
    Best to Marlene.