September 29, 2005


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Marlene, Tara and I drove to the Ocean yesterday. We cleansed our self and renewed our connection to the energy of the water. We had a great time and were once again equipped to take on the challenges of our new home. The Ocean is only two hours away.
Our move in date came and went. The house is still not ready. The builder suggested that we move in while they work. On the advice of many people here we decided that would be a mistake. We just came back from our landlord and we can stay on at this house. My Dad is arriving next week for his first visit to Belize and I am very excited with his visit. Peace, Patience and Calm is what I am trying to practice at this time. Many Blessings from the land of Love



Maroon Canadian artist based in Ontario, Canada " Keeping it in the Light "

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  1. Anonymous

    hello, winsom, from your old neighbour simone cupid at 22 amroth. i can’t tell you how terrible i feel about the horrible conditions you’re being forced to live in. lol

    no, seriously, you and marlene are very blessed to have the opportunity to take your lives to such a paradise. i hope me and my family are one day graced by God in the same way.

    peace and happiness,

  2. winsom

    Hello Simone,
    Great hearing from you.How are the two little ones? Marlene and I plus my daughter who is here now, knows how Blessed we all are and is full of gratitude each day. each minute.I do miss the folks on Amroth and when in Toronto we will pop bye.My Mom died in Feburary and my Dad was with me for a short time and is hoping to be back soon to live in this paradise. It is always hard to take the plunge to ghange ones life style but when it is done, we wonder what took us so long.This has been the right move for us and the Universe keeps Blessing us. Much love and Blessings. Winsom