August 19, 2006


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This has been the craziest of weeks and filled with loads of gratitude’s. Saturday morning went into town very early as the market and all that fresh fruits / vegetables were calling to me. Spent time talking to a number of folks and then headed to my favorite Internet café. First email I opened was from friends who was here in my town and was unable to reach me and they were leaving the next morning. They have been in Belize for a week. The hotel was just down the road so I signed out and went to find them. Took them back to my house to hang out for a bit. On arriving home we found our gate blocked by a huge tree that had snapped in two. We managed to inch our way through the gate. With saws in hand our friend helped us remove the tree from blocking our gateway.” GO GRATITUDE.” At eight p.m. I had to take them back into town and then head to a party. Just as we started down the road our muffler fell partly to the ground. My friend climbed under the car and tied up the muffler and said it would hold to go to the party. “GO GRATITUDE.” The party was small and we had lots of fun. At one- thirty a.m. Marlene and I said our good byes and headed for home seven miles away. Three miles down the road our Muffler fell down again. With party clothes, I climbed under the car and tied up the muffler. We slowly inched along the bumpy road to home.” GO GRATITUDE.” Monday bright and early we went to have our muffler fixed and of course along the way to the mechanic the muffler fell off again. We had no more wire but a kind man passed us and then turned back and he help us both with wire and tying on the muffler. “ GO GRATITUDE.” We spent all day at the shop waiting to get our car fixed. At five pm we finally left the shop. ”GO GRATITUDE.” We got home too late to pay the person that was doing some work for us on the land; we decided to go to his home and pay him. His road was so bad from the heavy rains we had been having. We managed to get to him after deciding to park the car and walk the last bit. On coming out, just a block from the main road we god stuck. I tried pushing as Marlene drove but all we managed to do is spray mud all over including myself. Three young men came down the road all spiffed up going girl cruising. They stopped to help as two other men joined them. “ GO GRATITUDE.” Pushing was not doing the trick so they decided to lift the car up and out. We could not thank them enough as we looked at them covered from head to toe with mud. “ GO GRATITUDE.” I do hope the girls saw what they did and gave points for being good Samaritans. I am so grateful for all the people who have helped me and I thank the ones yet to come. I am alive and living and loving every moment of life.
God/Sage/Allah is good. The Ancestors are good. Joy and Blessings.



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