May 31, 2005


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Belize City has no particular charm. You get in and get out unless you live there and then it is the greatest city. Today I caught the five a.m. express bus from Cayo to Belize City. The plush seats recline to facilitate the sleepy tired bodies. The trip takes two hours. The bus travels straight through with one stop in the capital city Belmopan. Belize city at seven a.m. is at its best. The streets are clean both of trash and hoodlums and are very safe to walk. Business done, I get to the bus station at eleven a.m. The hustle and bustle around the bus stop is now in full swing. The sellers, beggars and hustlers are trying to get a few cents from the tourist. There is no express at this hour so I take the milk run. The bus is an old shaky school bus. We are crammed in like sardines and off we go stopping every half mile to let off people or pick them up. The same trip as this morning takes four hours. The fare is four dollars cheaper and I am blessed. I have a seat.



Maroon Canadian artist based in Ontario, Canada " Keeping it in the Light "

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