July 18, 2007


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I woke up at 3:30 am and laid there thinking what I wanted for my family and myself. At 4:00am Marlene’s alarm went off and she came to wake me but I was already up. Marlene went out to put the dogs on and open up the gates, I went to have a shower. I but on my coffee pot that was prepared from the night before with 40 cups. Marlene and I then went to the back garden to build the sacred fire at the fire alter. We had just hung the lanterns in the trees when the dogs started to make a racket, it was 4:30am and the first car had arrived. Arriving early was the folks who had told me about fire the grid in January and had asked me if we could get together and do something. They had brought a huge fruit salad with every fruit that is around at this time in Belize. Red juicy watermelon, Golden sweet melon, all different hues of yellow mangoes indicating that we would be having different flavors on our taste buds. Orangey- yellow pineapples with the slightest twinges of golden brown; letting me know that sugar was oozing from the sweet flesh. Round purple grapes taking up their rightful places in and amongst the other fruits; thus helping them to enhance their true colours. Pale pink and white grapefruit a hint of sour for the pallet .The fruit salad looked very colourful, healthy and good.

Just as I took the dish inside, car after car followed, a total of five vehicles filling up our drive way. We closed the gate and the other cars parked outside. We walked to the second garden which houses our Alters and Ritual space. Everyone fell in and got the space ready. We quickly made the fire gathered around it, placed pounds of Copal and other sacred incense on the fire. Ray stared the ceremony with the most beautiful prayer he had written for the earth. As he was saying the prayer I slowly with my eyes went around the circle, stopping at each person with a prayer for them. All fifteen people received my silent Blessings. After the prayers were said we went into silent meditation. After around twenty minutes people started to fall out of the circle into their own space. I was looking to the East when I saw this huge Pyramid in the sky just resting on the mountain top. I could not remember ever seeing that shape on the mountains before and as I watched it, one of the women came over to me and asked which pyramid I could see from here. I told her that there was no pyramid, which we could see from this land. Suddenly I felt my daughter Hugging me real tight and I jumped and a tear fell down my cheek and I said to her “ You made it,” because she lives in Hong Kong. I then turned to talk to her and she was not there in flesh anymore. The morning light in the sky started to come in with every colour of an artist pallet, starting out with a pale yellow and then getting into a warm yellow and then hot oranges, reds, purples with slivers of cool blue and then I saw my pyramid shifting into an upturned face and realized that it was a giant cloud that had held its shape for so long. The woman came over to me and said look it’s a cloud and now we have a face. We all seem at that point to drift back to the circle, Marlene got her drum and passed out other musical instruments and we started to sing Shima Shima which is the Hopi word for Love. At this moment Ray and I seem to be on the same wave length because we started to walk up the hill and everyone followed singing and playing. We climbed to the top center of the hill at the point between the three Mayan burial Molds where we sent up wonderful music and thanked the Mayan for helping us to focus on what we have to do. We came back down singing fell back around the fire and it was 5: 56 am .Someone suggested we go around and say what we are thankful for and what we want for the future of the earth and its people, our children, grandchildren, the generations to come. We all said our piece and when the last person was finished, someone announced that it was 6:15. We all said so it shall be in our different ways and headed to the house.

We had a morning feast of Coffee, cranberry juice, fruit salad, scarlet red with its shiny small black seed Pitahaya, Jamaican style sweetbread/bun, coconut drops. I quickly made the corn muffins which were devoured with butter dripping from their centers. Everyone was on their way to jobs or whatever the day called them to. One of the last people to leave asked me if I had seen the Pyramid in the sky over the mountain range changing into an upturned face. What was it? Why was it there? She asked. Only the Great Ones can answer that I said. The Temple / house were suddenly empty. It was only 8:30 am. Marlene and I cleaned up and then had a rest.

After our rest I went to the website Fire the grid but no update, so I checked email and there was this beautiful email from my daughter in Hong Kong who said she was thankful for me and had visited me during her hour of meditation. I give thanks.

Life is Beautiful, Blessings from Ocean Spirit Fire Temple in Cristo Rey Village surrounded by many, many Pyramids of the Mayan Dynasty of Belize.



Maroon Canadian artist based in Ontario, Canada " Keeping it in the Light "

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  1. Anonymous

    What a BEAUTIFUL and descriiptive account of the Firing of the Grid in Crysto Rey Village. I was Blessed by the Spirits to share in this moving and spiritual event at the Temple with many beings that were interested in and cared enough for MOTHER EARTH to pray for Her continued existance.

    The Love was so great in the group of Meditators that suddenly tears just rolled down my cheeks–feeling a sudden spirit as the wet tears rolled against the coolness of the morning. It was spiritual and overwhelming as I glazed into the warmth of the fire that had been made by our hostess’, Marlene and Winsom.

    It is my prayer that we will again,
    and soon, gather together to raise the LOVE AND LIGHT of our universe.
    Until then, we shall give praise individually. May Peace, Love and the Light of the world be with you.

    Giving Thanks for being in Beautiful Belize, Ray and Lee

  2. winsom

    Dear Ray and Lee,
    What a beautifully written piece. The ceremony was enhanced by your wonderful spiritual written opening prayers. The mood was set. Thanks for all your encouragement on the path I have chosen/ given. May we celebrate many more rituals together. Ashe