July 27, 2005


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Today was Marlene and my day off from weeding up at the land. I actually got to stay in bed until six-thirty, when I remembered that I wanted to see the minister in charge of my village Cristo Rey. Today was his office day, now I know why I had the day off. We got up, went into town for cappuccino and pastry only to find the machine was broken. I had regular brew and just out of the oven chocolate croissants. Marlene and I went to the office of the minister and put our name on the list. We were number twelve on the list. I settled in to wait but after awhile I noticed that new people were just coming and going into his office. I got up and spoke to the receptionist and I was right, no one was going according to the list. When the next person came out I just went and had my talk with the minister, came out and went on my merry way. We had just got home when we noticed the some young boys staring into our yard. We heard chicken crackling and saw feathers flying. Marlene quickly got the gate opened and I called both dogs by name and they came immediately. The chicken was saved, just a few lost feathers and the chicken was so frightened that she laid an egg in our yard. I am so glad that we have been seriously training the dogs or else the story would have had a different ending. Marlene is outside cutting the grass, I am cooking and in between I am writing this entry. Soon we will both stop and go to Cristo Rey/ the land to see Sir Winston, where he has brought some Jackass Bitters for us from his farm. Jackass Bitters is a natural bug repellent. A small amount of Bitterness helps you to enjoy the sweetness of life. Joy.



Maroon Canadian artist based in Ontario, Canada " Keeping it in the Light "

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