August 8, 2005

Today with my neighbor’s almost seventeen-year-old son Edwin, we managed to weed a large section of the garden space. Just around nine thirty, when we were thinking of quitting, I noticed that I was very itchy. I was madly scratching and it was all on my arms, neck and face, I could not understand what was happening but then I noticed Edwin was also scratching. We both had been weeding the same patch. We looked at each other and together said, “ Cow itch “ I guess we must have gone through a patch of cow itch, which is a lot like poison ivy. Marlene was saved the agony. We went home at that point to take showers and cover ourselves with lotion. Many Blessings



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  1. Anonymous

    Sounds like you gals are having fun. Can you post some new pictures of the house, it looks amazing.Mike


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