May 29, 2005


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Today Sunday I awoke to the sounds of the roosters telling me it is time to rise. The morning was just stretching its arms across the sky. Jumped out of bed and did my morning rituals. Went out side to a sky filled with oranges, egg-yolk yellows and streaks of purples. The air was fresh with the slight smell of orange blossoms and sweet grass. I was greeted bye my two dogs Rusty Ashanti Warrior and Jabali Strong as a Rock who both decided they should try and wrestle me to the ground. I think I won, but quite unfairly. I used a water bottle to squirt, at which point they both ran and hid. It is now five thirty a.m. opened up the gate. I am doing what I have not done in over twenty years. I got in our truck and drove solo on the highway to the country road. The target was our property to check on the process of our house and fruit trees that we planted.
Got to the land and was greeted by a small cougar just at the entrance, sat in the truck and blew my horn and waited until I was sure that he had left. I have to say, the cougar was beautiful and sleek and glided gracefully away. On stepping out of the truck two toucans of the most amazing colours flew over my head to their feeding tree filled with red berries. This was a very productive morning. Yes I am driving again. Give Praise.



Maroon Canadian artist based in Ontario, Canada " Keeping it in the Light "

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  1. Sarah Salter

    Cougars! Cyclones! Wow – you are not living in a sleepy little Canadian backwater. The most excitement here in St Placide QC is when my neighbour walks down to the dock in his knee-high studded leather boots and kilt! He is actually a nice guy – he was just walking by, and volunteered to help me by lifting a heavy battery.

    I am hoping to do some photography this summer, and am enjoying the local arts as the various tours and exhibits are on.

    Glad to hear that you are driving. Whenever I consider stopping driving because of the expense and time I spend on the road, I am caught short by thinking of the options that I have when I drive that I do not have otherwise. I think the movement helps me fight off depression and the experience of driving alone through beauty may even give me moments of peace and understanding.


  2. winsom

    Hello Sarah, great hearing from you,I went out again this afternoon and I must say I did enjoy being in the truck alone and stopping as I pleased.When I am settled in my house you will have to come and visit.Lots of places and things in Belize to send the mind ,eye and camera into a spin.

  3. Nalo

    Cougars! Wow! And so cool that you’re driving. I’ve never seen you drive.

  4. Cecile

    Hi Winsom,
    Sounds like you are out in the wild. Haven’t heard about a cyclone in a long time. Glad to know it passed you by and that you are driving again. Couldn’t imagine not driving.
    Love Cecile