July 14, 2005

Woke up at four- thirty a.m. but it is pouring rain, stayed in bed until the rain stopped which was at seven thirty a.m. Marlene and I got ready and by eight a.m. we were on the land. Planted a row of pineapple suckers, dug the holes for sweet corn but alas we could not find the corn we had driven forty-five minutes a couple of days before to buy. We gave up looking for it and headed up the hill to talk to our fencers. We needed them to put a gate to the back road so getting to the river would be easier. Checked out the walkie-talkie Marlene had brought back. We should be able to use it for a distance of nine miles but after a mile it was not very clear. We were hoping to use it from the house to any part of the land but from the test we cannot communicate from the front to the back of the land. It is now noon, Marlene and I decided to call it a day’s work on the land and go home for a lunch of leftovers. I was getting out of the car when I looked behind the pull out seats in the back and there was our bag of corn. We will plant them tomorrow morning. I am very grateful for all my Blessings, which is many and I am open to receiving an overflow. Peace.



Maroon Canadian artist based in Ontario, Canada " Keeping it in the Light "

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