July 2, 2005


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Yesterday Friday I worked real hard starting the day at five am. Our grass had got out of control with all the rain and two days of sunshine. The dog poop was playing hide and seek with the scooper.The scooper won and our old push lawnmower and weed eater did their jobs. The dogs must like it short because they are rolling around on their backs on the newly cut grass. Took the truck to be filled up with gas at my favourite Texaco station, I love this station because the attendant not only fill my truck up but he checks the oil, the transmission fluid, the brake fluid, puts air in the tires, water in the window washer , and washes my front and back windows. My truck leaks transmission fluid because I need to change the lifters but it has to wait until I don’t need the truck for a few days.Today for a change I did not need any transmission fluid. I am so greatful for the care the attendant gives to my truck because I would be useless at doing it. The house and land is coming along fine. The top roof is now on. Will post a picture soon. Happy Canada Day to all Canadians and fourth of July to my USA friends and family. Just realize we were in July when my daughter emailed me.
Today Saturday I jumped out of bed , it was five am. Dressed quickly had a glass of mango lassie, fed the dogs and was out of the house by five thirty am. Drove to the market where you can hear the bustle before you see all the colours of the world spread before your eyes.I could not decide where I should start in the market, a decision I have to make each week. Started through the plant section then quickly moved to the colours that were calling me. Mangoes in every shape and size, the perfect fruit. Selction is hard because I only want a few but got much more .I can always make mango juice.I slowly move through the fruit section selecting avocadoes,fig and gross mitchell bananas, sugar loaf pineapple. Papaya, small tomatoes for salsa and big ones for snacking, two kinds of guava, couple dozen oranges.The load is now too heavy to carry ,so back to the truck I go.
Unload my baskets and head back into the market place to pick up corn, onions,ginger and turmic roots, garlic, jalepenos and scotch bonnett peppers.I stand in front of the spot where I am buying the peppers and every red that was ever made was lying there mixed in with all the greens, from forest green to pale pale leaf green. I then notice the purples that went from a kinky blue to a deep blueblack purple. I ask the market woman if it was real, but alas she only spoke Spanish. Another helpful Belizian translated for me and gave me her answer, Yes, yes very real and very hot. The one plant produces different colours. The name of the plant I think she said parrot pepper. Brought some of the red and green and now I which I had taken some of the other colours too, next time. Moved through the green section of the market, picked up some spinach and cilantro and then headed to the fish area.Decided it was too hot to buy fish as I was not heading straight home.
From the market , I walked up the street to see if the little French bakery was open. It is open, climed onto the high stool and settle in for an expresso or two with a cinammon bun. It is now nine thirty and the shop is beginning to get crowded, I bought a sour loaf,two baggetts, another cinammon bun and went to the truck to go home. It is going to be a relaxing quite day until five pm where I am going out with four other women for dinner and then to a jazz concert. Joy , Happinesss and Good Health is wished for us all. Blessings



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