July 20, 2005


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Spent the morning running errands and paying bills in San Ignacio. In the late afternoon went up to the land to see how things were coming along. The fencers were just finishing the job. The plasterers were still hard at work on the house. Marlene and I were very pleased with the job the fencers had done. I could feel that they had pride in the job they were doing and had done the very best they knew how to do. Every so often along the fence line they planted posts that would grow into beautiful trees. At the back gate to the river, they planted a tree whose leaves gives off a sweet fragrance. As we were told what they had done, I could hear the pride in their voices as they said, “ we gave you a living fence”. We paid the fencers for a job well done and went home to Santa Elena. We dropped by the hotel our friend is staying at while she builds her house. I wanted to tell her about the outbreak of Dengue and Malaria in the region. I know she does not listen to the radio and we all need to take precautions. In Cayo there is hardly any mosquito because of the hills and there is always a breeze. In the last month or two we have had so much mosquitoes that everyone is talking about it. Two days ago a bulletin by the health unit told us that they were having an epidemic of Dengue. I am staying indoors when the sun goes down and using sprays when I go outside. I was lucky to find a natural mosquito protectant made from cactus juice, only draw back it is very expensive. We sat around talking to our friend. Another foreigner who is also building a house came to visit. All four of us sat in the little bedroom having a good old-fashioned talk with lots of belly laughter. It is getting late so we said our good byes. Belize is always opening up and revealing another side of her beautiful self to me. Joy Happinesss, Peace, Prosperity and Love is asked for you. Many Blessings.



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